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Her story is not just crimson pomegranates, 

all of the splendour of spring bends to her will. 

But this floral maiden also sends shudders of fear

with one delicate footstep through all of hell. 

She reigns over the birth of flowers and gentle beings, 

raises baby birds in her lap, and with fawns she plays. 

She reigns over demons and demise alike

and before her fury, even Death himself pales. 

-Persephone Girl by Nikita Gill

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Persephone's story is inside all of us. It is our birthright to claim our shadows and our light. 

The patriarchy depends on women shunning their shadows. We should be quiet; seen and never heard. We should be demure; we should be chaste. We should be supportive, never breaking and never asking for more. 

And that is why the work of embodying Persephone's story is so important because through this work, we demand to have it all. To allow our shadows to be free and our light to reach untethered. We can be all. We can be everything and then some. 

Inside the Persephone Project, we will explore the duality that is natural and beautiful within us all. 

What's Included in the Persephone Project:

This container is broken up into two three-week courses. One is designed to help you walk through your shadows towards your inner most healing and removing blockages. The second is designed to help you align your purpose with your passion and to create a plan for the next chapter of your life. 

  • Weekly 1-Hour Group Calls (Replays available)

  • Discovery of your star destined shadows, karmic inheritances, and soul purpose buried within your Natal Chart including your North And South Node and Imum Coeli and Midheaven. 

  • Journey to your Shadow/Higher Self Meditations

  • Weekly Group Coaching

  • Embodiment Exercises and Journal Prompts

  • Community through Discord

  • Office Hours 2x Weekly for Personalized Guidance w/ Private Discord Room



Group Investment: $555

-Save your seat for $222; must be paid in full by the beginning of the course. 

-For an additional $111: Receive two thirty-minute 1:1's at the end of each unit for personal coaching to better assess your goals and plans forward. 

Solo Journey Investment: $999

-Save your seat for $222; must be paid in full by the beginning of the course. 

-Walk this journey with me over 6 weeks in an intimate 1:1 container. 

If you're ready to answer the call, choose your path:


Questions? Let's Talk. 

Drop any questions you have about working within the Persephone Project. I'll be in touch soon!

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