A Little Hello From Me

Hey all!

So glad you've been sticking around as it's been a crazy few months for me and for De La Lune. Just a few days ago I approved the last proof of the Modern Divinity Oracle Deck. I've obtained it's Copyright and ISBN and it is officially at the printer.


This has been such a huge part of this summer and I've been enjoying a lovely two weeks off with my family. But next week, we are back at it! I have a PACKED fall schedule and for Channeled Portraits there are currently only SEVEN spots left out of the twenty-two that were originally offered. If you're wanting in this accompanying shadow deck, you're going to want to get in while you can! You can book here. The soonest appointments aren't until end of November and the first week of December, and the balance isn't due until your reading. The printer has recently updated me and with Covid-19 causing international shipping delays, we might not be holding the deck until November, but everything in it's own time! For now, I am focused on a few other projects and my beautiful, magical clients who have blessed me with a full schedule.


If you feel called to work me, but you're not sure how or what or when, let's chat! There's no pressure and I'd love to answer any questions you have! Until then,

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