COVER REVEAL + Modern Divinity Update

Good Morning Mystics!

Can you feel it? The magic buzzing in the air?

Lions Gate is soon upon us and shortly there after the Leo New Moon. This is an incredible time to harness the ferocity of the zodiacal season and step into the next. And as a Leo Rising, I'm not pulling back. I'm rocketing forward.

It's so hard to believe that when I started this project back in March, that I would get here. Honestly, art had been something I learned for fun, something to keep my mind occupied during the pandemic.

Realizing now that I'm a paid free-lance artist who gets to use all my spiritual gifts to marry these two things I love most is SURREAL. Life has such a way of surprising us when we are open to it.

And now, next week, the last of the portraits will be complete and I'll be sending them off to the printer. Turn around time is around 6-8 weeks and then they'll be in hand. Meaning that you should have decks by this fall!

Without further adieu, I want to show you guys the front cover of the Modern Divinity oracle deck. SQUEE!

Featured on the front cover is Caitlin, she's an American born mama, wife, and student living in Italy. Deciding on the cover was difficult. I wanted whoever was going to grace the box to represent as many of us as possible.

During Caitlin's reading, she took me to a dark shadowy forest but from within her she drew this beautiful, mystical light. But her eyes were closed, she couldn't see it. She could only feel the darkness pressing in around her but so often we forget that the light we have within radiates; it is a beacon to others who are wandering through dark times.

That's her. That's us. We wade through shadows to lead others to safety.

I am so ecstatic to bring this deck to life and you can expect more updates in your inbox as we move the process along.

If you haven't pre-ordered yet, what are you waiting for?? Shipping is free during pre-orders!

The first booster pack to the original deck is already being planned and commissions will be opening up soon! These will be limited and the last spots opened up for 2021. If you'd like to hop on the waiting list, I'll let know you know once those dates open.

Thank you so much for supporting me, my family, and my dreams.

Until next time,


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