October 11-17: Astrological Transits

Happy Monday! Hoping your weekend was full of rest and relaxation. Every Monday, check your inbox for updates on the weekly Astrological Transits and how you can best use the energy of the planets on the move through the sky.

This week, we have Saturn, the task master of the Zodiac, beginning it's direct trajectory into Aquarius. These two energies normally can be a little at odds, what with the rigid focus of the Capricornian ruled planet and the rebellious nature of the Aquarian. With this aspect, however, we see the clouds being lifted where our professional lives are concerned. Your views of the future will become more clear and is a great time to lay new foundations and reassess your goals. This marks the end of (appx.) once a year Saturn retrograde which began in May 2021.

Towards the end of the week, our Libran Sun squares with Pluto in Capricorn. Squares, while they sound ominous, are ways for us to bring our biggest expansions through discomfort. Libra seeks balance and harmony (and is quite known for the non-confrontational and indecisive qualities) while Capricorn values structure, focus, and hard work towards our goals.

Pluto is the planet of transformation and destruction, the home of death and rebirth. With this aspect transiting, we can expect there to be (perhaps difficult) but transformative changes in your work life. How to best harness it? Don't fight it. Let go of any old stories you've been telling yourself and when you experience discomfort, sink deep into Pluto's mysterious energy. Ask yourself big questions and allow for big, honest answers. This is potent energy for change and restoring balance to our work life and future goals.

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