October 18-24: Astrological Transits

Happy Monday!

We've got some major shifts happening above as two retrogrades come to an end.

Jupiter, the planet of success, luck, and good fortune, has had quite the year. In June, it began it's retrograde and actually regressed from Aquarius back into Capricorn. Now, as he moves direct, he will once again enter the free spirted and rebellious energy of Aquarius this 10/20. We should also see some wonderful expansion taking place. Take a look at what house Jupiter is currently transiting for you, and you should be able to find where you have the most opportunities for some good luck.

Now is the time to collaborate and focus on your outward missions. This January will bring Jupiter fully out of it's current shadow and there may be some big things in store for you based on your Natal Chart. Contact me to schedule your full year ahead so you know how best to use that energy.

We also have the (often overly villainized) Mercury Retrograde coming to a close and turning direct into Libra. Mercury direct brings new ways of thinking, harmonious ideals, and charming conversation when in Libra. Careful, though. Librans air (pun!) on the side of romantic and idealistic. Dreams are a wonderful thing, but they need to be grounded in order to come to fruition. This is not a time to get lost in the clouds just because things seem to be moving so easily after retrograde. Accountability needs to be present. False hubris can be likely so be wary of unrealistic goals as we make this transit.

This week starting on 10/20 and heading into the first week of November, we also have Venus square Neptune. This energy can feel a bit challenging but it is the best time for expansion as you work to overcome the curve balls squares can sometimes throw our way. When this aspect occurs, Neptune's power of mystery and illusion pushes back against Venus, a planet who represents our values and love. If you've been in the dark, especially surrounding a relationship, know that you may find out the way forward this week. These things happen for our best and highest good, but at times with a square aspect, may feel as though your world is being upended.

We also have a two week aspect coming to shake things up after these retrogrades end. Starting from 10/23 until the end of the first week of November, the Sun will square Saturn in the skies. These two forces are powerful. The sun, the bringer of joy, pleasure, ego, and confidence pushes against Saturn, the taskmaster of the Zodiac and usually, the most challenging planet to deal with. Your confidence may feel shaken during this two week perod and you may be calling into question if you're really able to make these goals of yours a reality. You may feel a sudden urge to shirk all responsibility or, to the other extreme, you may want to throw yourself into reorganizing the minute aspects of your life.

Remember, the square aspect represents a challenge, but not one to shy away from. How can you balance the Sun's need for fun and freedom with Saturn's call for structure and focus? Where do you need to let loose? Where do you need to draw in? If you can master this energy, you will find yourself coming out of this with a stronger head on your shoulders.

Finally, on October 23rd, the Libran sun sets and rises in the mysterious, intense, and mystical stars of Scorpio. Make sure to keep an eye on your inbox for some helpful Scorpio season guides coming later this week, alongside with some information to enjoy this upcoming Full Moon in Aries.

If you'd like a more personal astrological reading, let's chat! I still have some introductory pricing available before I officially launch these readings in January. Until next time, Toni

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