Taurus Season Begins

April 20 - May 20: A Brief Look

These last two lunar cycles have been quite a whirlwind round these parts. First, we saw the emotional, imaginative, dream-like nature of Pisces. It was an intense emotional season, to be sure as we dismantled a lot of the energy we brought with us into 2021. There were still goodbyes to be made and remembering to be had. Piece by piece we sluffed off the old and it led to a torrent of emotion for many.

Then, we blasted into the flames of Aries season where many of us were pushed, pulled, and tested to our limit. We found excitement for our life and passions at the full moon. We made promises and commitments; we dreamed big. And then when the dark moon arrived, we were thrust into a feeling of impostor syndrome and doubt.

Being the new moon of the zodiac new year, it was a wonderful time for new beginnings but I know many of us felt stilted and wrung out. We're still harnessing all that energy as we tick towards the next full moon, and I don't know about all of you but I am Grateful with a capital G for the steadiness that Taurus season is going to bring.

With Venus also at home in Taurus, it's a time for self-love and indulgence. Taurus isn't a showy sign, they make things happen by tucking chin and getting to work. Their energy is often calm and steady, a welcome reprieve after such a long season of intensity in the other signs. This is the time of the year to plant your seeds and tend to them with care. Be consistent and diligent. What you sow now, you will reap in the weeks to come. If you're interested in more celestial insights, head over to my Patreon and join today! For only $6 a month, you receive access to my Art Feed and support me as a fledgling artist. You'll also receive the short Taurus newsletter with celestial dates to keep in mind and how to best harness all that energy coursing through you. You'll gain access to The Lune Circle chat where you can meet with other like-minded mystics and learn with and from each other and me. If you decide to move up to a higher tier, you will begin to unlock educational modules (including the beginner Tarot course starting TOMORROW and Intro to Herbology with Samantha Boyd from Wild One Rising this weekend.) There are also options for weekly and monthly readings, spell casting, and more! Come hang out with us and grow your practice in a safe, inclusionary environment! Here is a calendar look at the moon-th ahead with The Lune Circle! Hope to see you there!

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