The Sun Rises in Sagittarius

Happy Monday! Can you feel the shift in the air? The sun rises in the curious, magnetic sign of Sagittarius. During the season of Scorpio, we are invited to go deeper and explore our shadows more fully. In the previous weeks, you may have been confronted with some challenges in your belief systems, in your relationships, and in how you interacted with the world around you. There was a season of release and we collectively shed what was no longer serving us.

And then, the sun set on this introspective season and a fiery breath of life is breathed into us under a Sagittarian sun. Sagittarians are the life of the party, they are bright and charming. Their charismatic nature draws others in like a moth to flame. They love to travel and explore and it's clear why so many wonderful events and celebrations fall under Sagittarius' rule. We want to feel connected to others and to the world at large, to believe that we really truly are apart of the collective. I always marvel at the energy during these three months. Scorpio invites us to release; Sagittarius gives us big dreams; and Capricorn gives us the motivation and structure to work towards those goals. When these three energies are harnessed properly, you can really make massive leaps in your personal and professional lives.

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Let's talk about the energy this week:

  • Mercury is never far behind the suns movement and you can expect the planet of communication and intelligence to enter Sagittarius on 11/24. If you've been feeling as though your thoughts have been prone to deep diving and your social life has felt a bit reclusive, this energy is coming to an end. It was important because as we pulled back, we were able to see ourselves and our goals more clearly. But you may be feeling tired and ready to just enjoy some lighter fare; that time is here! Depending on your personal transits, others will likely find you a charming conversationalist and socializing turns easy, rather than a chore. You may find some goals and dreams beginning to form for the new year, so make sure you keep a notepad by you to collect all your thoughts.

  • On Thursday, the 25th, much of the United States will be celebrating a national holiday. However, the stars are creating a tense pocket of energy as Mercury semi-squares Venus. There is a high likelihood of being misunderstood and sensitivities run higher than normal. Just be aware that there may be frustrations with loved ones. Venus can be a little over dramatic and exaggerate when being challenged and Mercury always has to do with how we communicate.

  • On the 26th, Saturn is Sextile Chiron. (Remember what I said earlier about making sure you are following the mailing list ;)) So you may feel more confident about the things that set you apart. There is a chance for you to heal with a more masculine energy, and be proactive in the change you want to see in your life.

Hoping you have a beautiful week, full of magic! with love and moonlight,


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