Venus in Capricorn: What does this mean for you?

From Nov 5- Dec 16, Venus is moving out of the optimistic, adventurous, and expansive Sagittarius and into the steadfast and often rigid sign of Capricorn.

You can make the best of the energy by laying foundations for those big dreams you birthed in fiery Sagittarius. Manifestations are made real when you add in hard work and determination, energy Capricorn is renowned for.

Venus rules pleasure and emotion while Capricorn, as said, loves work, money, and goals. This harbors a golden time in your businesses, careers, and projects to infuse them with your deepest passions. Take stock of what you’re enjoying; leave the rest.

Take a look at your relationships, too. Capricorn is the farthest from a cold hearted sign. In fact it’s been said that you’re not really loved until you’ve known the love of a Capricorn. They’re loyal, compassionate, and while they don’t wear these emotions on their sleeve, you can depend on them. Make mature and grounded decisions on who you’re allowing into your life. Sagittarius energy can be fickle and hard to pin down; Capricorn is not.

Finally, Capricorn’s are known for being a little self involved. Use this as a warning AND to your advantage. Be wary of taking Venus love of pleasure and focusing solely on self. That being said, really seek the things that make you happy and laying good foundations for the future.

How are you going to use this energy over the next few weeks? Leave a comment below and share with your friends!

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