Weekly Transits: Nov 8-14


Hello, Mystics.

Let’s find out what is happening in the cosmos this week and what you can expect from these energy shifts.

Last week, Mercury entered Scorpio. You can expect your thoughts to feel a little deeper and more introspective as you try to work through what is coming next for you. Remember that Scorpio is an intense, private sign that knows depths that most are unaware of. Allow yourself to sink in deeper and explore your shadows that crop up. Mercury will remain in Scorpio until the 24th, when it will move into the optimistic and proactive sign of Sagittarius. Until then, allow yourself to explore the dark waters you find yourself in. They aren’t as scary as your Ego would have you believe.

Venus is still in Capricorn, and you can read more about that HERE. During this time, lay grounds to your dreams that were birthed in the last few weeks. It’s okay for things not to be moving rapidly right now. Build a strong foundation so that you can build upon it when the time is right. Make plans, set goals, and reevaluate what is bringing you satisfaction, especially where your work is concerned.

Mars is still in Scorpio until the middle of December. If you find yourself feeling more passionate about things and a call to work through your shadows— this is why. The planet of aggression and passion meets the intense and intimate sign of Scorpio. This is a good time for shadow work and to go under the surface and find out why we are feeling the way that we are.

We have a few important aspects this week as well:

On Wednesday, we may find ourselves in a particularly frustrating energy. Be wary of how you speak to others, especially where your work is concerned. Mars is in conjunction with Mercury, and together they square Saturn. You may feel as though the things you care about aren’t as important to others and your words, while emblazoned with passion, may create tension with those around you. Many Astrologers have looked to this day as one that may have a lot of clashes, so if you’re prone to having things go wrong, this may be a good day to stay home and stay quiet. By Friday, however, you may feel a little relief in some areas as the Sun trines with Neptune, clearing up any miscommunication or misunderstandings that were born earlier in the week. Personal insecurities and wounds may bubble up, however, with Mars quincunx Chiron. It’s okay to take the time for you today if you’re still feeling the frustrations of earlier this week.

Finally, on Sunday, Venus semisquares Jupiter. This is a nice aspect to see after the tense energy of this week. Allow yourself to rest, do pleasurable activities, and indulge in the things you love. Be wary of over indulgence, however, as you still have to deal with the outcomes come Monday morning. And that’s about it for this week! Until 11/11, I am still offering a free mini reading (usually $66) and inclusion on my portal day rituals if you purchase a Synastry Chart reading for you and your partner.

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