Weekly Transits: November 15-22

It’s a big week in the Woo world.

This Friday marks the Full Moon in Taurus and the first of eclipse season, as a partial lunar eclipse will occur while the sun is Scorpio and the moon sits in Taurus.

This Lunar eclipse invites in deep change and transformation in our daily lives. Particularly around the way we view sensuality and the material world. What was, may no longer be, as we release the attachments we have to that which isn’t serving our highest good.

Along with the cosmic aspects in the sky, this week it will be very important for you to harness that Taurean energy and wait. Don’t be rushed into decision making and don’t allow someone to place ultimatums on you. Abrupt change is likely during the days leading up to and following an eclipse, so allow that energy to work unencumbered.

Jupiter is having a few challenging aspects this week, both in semi-square to Venus and square to Sun. Be wary of over indulgence, taking on more than you can handle, or overdo it in any area of your life. Your eyes may be bigger than your stomach, so make sure to express caution when things start to look enticing. You may have to pay for it in the weeks to come and burn out is likely.

Later in the week, Jupiter also squares with Jupiter, making communication difficult. There may be a sense of exaggeration or misunderstanding that makes it difficult for you to get your point across clearly.

We also have an opposition between Mars and Uranus and you will feel this in your lower chakras. A restlessness, a yearning for more, and a frustration with complacency is likely to kick into your sacral and solar plexus chakras. Remember to heed the warning of above as this energy sweeps in and tries to bring forward change; a little is good but too much may have poor consequences later. Aggressive behavior and frustrations are likely to pick up as these two planets face off in the sky. Try your best to be flexible because Uranus may bring in unexpected changes to your daily routine that will need your attention.

We do have a few favorable aspects, but the good they bring to the collective can feed into the more challenging aspects above. With Venus trine Uranus, you may feel impulsive as you seek out what makes you happy. Again, indulgence is likely and your creative spark may return. With that feel good energy, you may want to take on more and more but remember to take it easy this week.

With Mercury and Neptune trine, your creativity will again blossom as new ideas are clarified. You may have a sudden urge to map out your next plans and set goals for the coming new year. This is wonderful, so long as you don’t commit to anything too big just yet.

All in all, the energy this week will have us feeling as though our containers are filling with energy. You’ll have big eyes that want to achieve big things and that’s incredible! Just try to harness that Taurean energy and be patient, the right moment will present itself and for now, you can set up a solid foundation.

The Eclipse brings in powerful energy that when harnessed can bring forward intense transformation in your personal life. Practice surrender and release control as this strong lunar event works it’s magic in your life.

If you want to know about YOUR personal transits, get your monthly look ahead today. I will include the rest of November as part of your chart so you can plan the rest of your year with your own cosmic blueprint.

Until next time,


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