What is Shadow Work?

We hear this term tossed around in intentional communities like an unwanted penny. But what is Shadow Work?

Shadow work invites us to explore all the different facets of our being, including the ones often shunned by society.

They are created at important parts of our lives where we were either shamed, quieted, or embarrassed by our true feelings. To cope, a part of disassociated. And because of the ongoing shame of our society, we repress that part of ourselves.

For example, one of my shadows is fear of rejection.

If I don’t deal with that fear and learn to live with it, it controls me from the shadows. It stops me from meeting new people and creating new connections. It stops me from speaking my truth and being vulnerable. It stifles my growth both personally, spiritually, and in my business. Let’s say that I have an idea that I’m excited about. I can’t wait to share it with the people I know. But that niggling shadow is there, terrified that I will be rejected for it. This is when the Ego comes in. The Ego says the things I need to hear to stay small. They work in this strange tandem to keep me safe from the thing I fear the most, rejection. My Ego exists to preserve self.

And it’s not… wrong.

It can just be stifling.

Our goal through shadow work is never to banish the fear. If you choose to work with me, you’ll find I approach it in a way that invites you to get to know your fear: name it, sit with it, see it… accept it.

Sure, others might sell you on releasing the fear but honestly, why would we want to do that? It’s there for a very good reason. It keeps you safe.

If you’re standing on a cliffside, ready to jump, I hope your fear creeps in and says, “Uh, should we be doing this?” and then YOU, the real you, jumps in the conversation and says “Absolutely. I have a parachute on.”

We want to work with our shadows. We want to integrate them.

Shadow Work can be intense and is absolutely something you can do on your own… but you don’t have to. Starting right now, I’m launching Sisters of Shadow (S.o.S.). Delivered straight to your inbox will be workbooks, journal prompts, guided meditations, and other ways to with your shadow, including the ways that work for me. And it’s F R E E.

Shadow work never ends, I’m in it now and will be for the rest of my life. But the more we do it, the easier we flow through it. When we integrate and embody our shadow, we step into our whole self and unlock parts of us we didn’t know existed that are ready to elevate us to our highest potential. I will see you in your inbox!


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