What is Soul-Care? And Why Should We Do It?


Welcome to the De La Lune blog. I’m going to use this space to cover the gamut. We will talk about ways to unleash your goddess, walk more confidently in your spiritual path, upcoming celestial and lunar activity, and chat with other spiritually-minded folks along the way.

The biggest message here at De La Lune: Self-care isn’t enough. We do soul-care.

Now, I’m not here to knock self-care. In order to shift our thinking about it, I want to define what self-care looks like to me.

Self-care is honoring your body and mind and its need for rest and recharge. Most of us—unwittingly—cultivated a life that drains us. I don’t know many people who end their day feeling rejuvenated and excited to do it all over again. (That’s a whole other thing, and we will get there.)

So, to respect our exhausted mind and body, we are constantly reminded to practice self-care. That could be taking an afternoon to yourself, a long bath, a good book, buying that shirt you’ve had your eye on. Self-care is beautifully tailored to whatever breathes life back into you.

Self-care is a good thing.

It’s just not enough.

If we’ve read together or you’ve heard me talk about spiritually-minded practice, you may have heard me say: alignment is the way to ascension.

Our mind and body getting the attention they need? Perfect.

But there is a third part that often gets overlooked: our spirit body.

Those who study and learn in this arena know that our spirit body is just as real and functional as our physical body. Instead of the intricate systems that allow our body to breathe, feel, and heal, we have chakras and auras.

And just as we can catch a cold, we can catch a spirit flu. Just as we can dislocate a joint, we can have an imbalanced chakra. And just as our mind can slip into depression, our aura can become compromised.

When those things happen to our physical body, it’s very difficult to ignore it. Most people stop and heal immediately. When it happens to our mind-body, it’s usually hard work to prioritize it. We still fight to normalize the validity of mental health every day. There are so many skeptics who would have us believe that if it can’t be seen, it can’t be real.

So in this battle to rally for the validness of our mind-body, taking the extra deep leap into fighting for our soul-care often feels impossible.

At least, it does if you’re not surrounded by the right people.

Signs that your soul might be needing some TLC include headaches, discomfort in your chakras wherein symptoms manifest physically (i.e., an imbalanced root chakra can have an impact on your digestive system. An imbalanced throat chakra could give you sinus issues). You could be experiencing depression, unrest, disorientation on where you should be heading next and a lack of motivation to get there.

All these things and so much more are your spirit begging for your attention. To recap:

When your mind and body are depleted, we do self-care.

When your soul-body hurts, we do soul-care.

Soul-care can be tailored to you just as self-care can. Meditate; eat beautiful, nourishing food that balances your chakras; check out energy healing; reiki; spiritual counsel; or do shadow-work. Honor your spirit by releasing the things that are harmful to it like toxic people and situations.

The only way up is aligned. The only way to get aligned is to heal.

Your life may be set up to drain you but your purpose is to be replenished.

So today, I challenge you to do at least one act of good soul care. If you aren’t sure what to do or don’t believe that you need it, sit with yourself a moment. Close your eyes, ground yourself. Ask either silently or aloud what your soul needs today.

When that thought enters your mind, don’t push it back. Don’t make excuses and say “oh, that’s just me telling myself what I want to hear.” It’s not.

Believe that when you ask a question, the universe responds. And then, because they so beautifully came to you when you needed their voice, listen to it.

Give yourself that healing crystal or spiritual bath. Do a guided meditation. Get a reading or talk to someone who’s walking with you.

This is a process for the long haul, friends, and we start today.

Tell me how you’re going to meet this challenge in the comments! Maybe someone else will feel inspired by your act.

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