Why Your Manifestations Aren't Working

Happy New Moon, lovelies!

As many of you know, the New Moon is a time where mystics and witches harness the lunar energy to manifest big things in their lives. With the upcoming 11/11 portal, I wanted to write to you a bit about why your manifesting might not be working.

Every organic thing around us is energy. Everything. The magic is believing that you have the ability to shift and work with energy for better or for worse. There are many ways to focus your thoughts and intentions. Some people do candle work, spell casting, fire ritual, talking to the moon (my favorite), but whatever it is that you choose to do, know that it's just a tool. (Think making a wish on a birthday candle.)

This is one the things I always try to explain to people who are skeptical about the work I do. The cards, the pendulum, the crystals-- they are tools that make my job easier. I can do it without them just the same but I can also build a 2 foot hole with my bare hands... It's just messier, longer, and more exhausting. I could also use a shovel.

So, no matter the medium of which you choose to help you focus your intention, it is you that is the real magic. The belief that you are not a victim of circumstance but a vessel of the universe able to create change in your world.

There are pockets of time and energy that have the ability to bring you the things that you want, and I always take advantage of them. I get specific about what I'd like and I allow the Universe to hear me. Like my mentor Laureen once said, if you invite your friends over, and say 'come over at 5:00' they're more likely to come than if you say 'come whenever you want'. Be real and honest, knowing that things not meant for you aren't coming to you. Dream big.

But here is where most manifestations fall apart: the follow through.

Remember, we are co-creators of our lives. The Universe (or God, Source, Goddess, etc) they work with us. When we don't meet them in the middle, we inevitably set ourselves up for disappointment. Now, I'm still a firm believer that the things meant for us will come. But time isn't real and the Universe certainly isn't on your timeline. They can wait until you're ready to show up and do the work.

The magic spell of manifestation is this: Ask then act. Put your power, your special sauce, your spin into the work and show up for it every. damn. day.

Show the Universe that you mean it and that you want it enough to be relentless in your pursuit of it. Another saying I live by is: I don't ask for money. I ask for the opportunity to work. You are capable of massive change in your world. Of creating a life that you want from the ground up no matter what depths of despair you're finding yourself in. Trust me. Ten years ago, I didn't have a place to call my own, I lived on a couch with my clothes in a closet. I lost my license, my car, and was literally working from shift to shift to get by. There isn't a day that goes by that I attribute that to some magical spell. Hell, I wasn't even dabbling in the mystical world. I am the magic. I envisioned my life and I climbed my way out. You can do it too.

There is going to be an amazing opportunity for us to work through these things together in a small, intimate container coming soon. If you're ready to take control of your life, you will want to be here with me.

Talk soon. TK

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