Your indepth guide to your year ahead. This 15-20 page report tracks your personal transits of the outer planets as they move through the night sky. Broken down by month and then your house transits, you can follow along to find pockets of energy that will be best for growth, as well as planning for when your energy levels will be low and you can expect push back. 

TESTIMONIAL: It cannot be overstated that I have zero skill when it comes to astrology, and so I’m always wary about birth chart offerings because I’m afraid I won’t “get it”. BUT FOLKS. Toni’s Year at a Glance is the most comprehensive report I’ve ever read—and not only did it make complete sense, it was so personal! I got so excited to follow along each month that I set an alarm in my phone so I can check in as the year progresses to see what’s coming. The YAG is filled with so much information, and it’s laid out in a logical way—like the story of my year to come. This is the ONLY birth chart/guide I’ve read for myself that: made sense, felt super personal, and got me excited for what’s to come. - Jessi W.


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