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What is Modern Divinity?

For as long as humans have existed, we have told stories of the Divine. Some may call it God, the Universe, the Creator, the Great Mother. They are the tales from Olympus and religions all over the world. These divine beings have been etched onto cave walls and inked into tomes. Their stories inspire others to reach for greatness, to forgive, to fight for more. 

But these beings didn't only exist in ancient times, they are born again in the lives of the mystics who walk this earth today.

Through Modern Divinity, I tell the story of these divine mystics in a new way. These incredible souls are changing lives and modernizing what it means to be truly magical. They are teachers, coaches, and healers, and it's my honor, to tell their story to you. 

The deck includes 50 cards, each with the illustration from a Channeled Portrait reading and a guidebook with how to use the deck, spreads, and information on each mystic so you can follow their journeys, as well.

This deck is currently in pre-production and will be shipped later this year. If you would like to inquire about bulk, wholesale, or affiliate pricing, please fill out the contact form below. 

Domestic shipping included. 


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