Read what previous clients have to say about working with Toni. 

For weeks I had been going back and forth about getting a reading done. I wanted someone I trusted and found a few ladies who I felt would be able to help me but was hesitant for some reason. I know now that my guides were leading me to Toni! I had a free reading on twitch that was so accurate and knew that I wanted to book with her. Toni is such a bright light, her energy is beautiful and loving and she is honest in what she’s feeling. I felt at ease the entire time and even though my guides were super chatty, she still took time to answer questions or get clarity from them on things using her pendulum. I am so happy I decided to wait and book with Toni. If you’re considering a reading, I highly recommend you reach out to her.


It was one of the most insightful experiences I have ever had from a medium in any form. Toni told me the truth even though it was difficult to hear. The authenticity and accuracy of the information provided is beyond anything I have experienced before. I would recommend Toni guidance to anyone.


Toni was spot on with her readings! Not only did her insight help me regain focus on my goals, she made me feel at ease as we talked. Definitely will be coming back for more readings!


Toni helped me align my thoughts and my actions perfectly through her readings! She didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear, she made sure I heard what I needed to! When I was lost she helped to ground me through her reading and it gave me the tools I needed to take the right path for me.


I was excited to receive a session with Toni and went in with the intention of allowing Spirit to open me further in regards to my life’s path and my ability to listen to guidance.

I was BLOWN AWAY!! I have received so many types of readings...Toni’s reading was like being plugged into the wall socket of Spirit. I was moved to tears more than once by the pin-point accuracy of both the cards and her own intuitive sensing. Unlike a generic card reading where the messages coming through may or may not apply, this session made me feel seen, held and confirmed for me that I have some powerful allies in my court.

Her method is also one that I, as an experienced reader myself, have never seen. Completely unique. It is 100% guided by Spirit. Thank you for sharing your gift, Toni.


Toni did an intuitive portrait for me and it is hard to explain in words how amazing and life changing the experience with her has been. Her tarot reading with my guides was 100% spot on; it captured everything that’s happened in my past, everything I’m presently going through, and provided actionable advice and guidance that literally brought me to tears. She has SUCH a beautiful energy and a powerful gift, and I’m so grateful to have been able to experience it first hand. Her portrait of me stepping out of my shadows and into the light is not only exactly the message I need to have as a constant reminder right now, but her artistic talent is jaw dropping and it inspires the artist in me to create magic the way she has done for me.I highly recommend at least doing a reading with her, but especially the intuitive portraits she now offers. They are a unique, insightful, one of a kind way to experience your higher self. You won’t be disappointed